About Us

On August 28.2006 we opened in North Bali the first international Bakery and Pastry shop. After long preparation in Germany and assistance of retired Master Baker Herbert Christian Delfs of Hanover/Germany, whose help we gratefully.

Acknowledge, we now offer our customers in Bali daily fresh goods of outstanding quality.

Offers you a large and tasty assortment of European bread and cake.


Daily fresh Bread and Cakes

Let yourself be treated to and spoiled by our Gourmet Breakfast from 7.30 am to 12 noon.

You will find French, Dutch, Swiss, New Zeeland and Australian cheeses as well as Italian Mortadella Bologna, Bresaola Cured Beef, Coppa tipo Parma, Prosciutto Dry Ham, Salami Napoli and Salami Milano.

We prepare your SANDWICH to your desire

Taste our PIZZA - the best in LOVINA.

We serve a delicious Fillet Steak with Pepper souse!

BAKERY LOVINA  offers you the largest assortment of imported Wines and Spirits in Bulleleng.

Seat yourself at our air-conditioned bar or balcony and enjoy your Cappuccino, Espresso or your favourite coffee with home made Cakes and Pie - or your meal with wine and your favourite long drink.


We appreciate your suggestions or criticisms. Please speak to us.

Thank you – Danke!